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Introducing 'Common Ground' web-series

Every family has different challenges to overcome, and different ways of dealing with those challenges.

Follow our Common Ground families as they tackle the big issues faced by everyday kiwis, and have your say on how they could work together to get through it.

IN THIS VIDEO: 'Ep4: The Things We Don’t Say'

Amy is teenager who is keeping her boyfriend secret from her mother, in an effort to protect her mum while she is managing her own marriage break-up.

The Things We Don't Say explores the relationship between Amy and her mother. While at a surface level the two seem to be able to talk about anything, the reality is that Amy is keeping secrets, and doesn't feel like she can share everything with her mum.

After Amy throws a party at the house without permission, Mum becomes increasingly suspicious of what Amy has really been doing.

Meanwhile Amy is trying to manage her relationship with her boyfriend, and also protect her mum while she is managing her own marriage break-up.

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The Common Ground videos cover subjects that may be of a sensitive nature, and there is some language throughout that may cause offense. Viewer discretion is advised.

Once you've watched the video, we'd love you to share your thoughts, ideas, advice and insights.

Share your advice, join the conversation.

*Please note, by sharing your experience, you agree for it to be used by Common Ground online and offline to help encourage a conversation about supporting young people.
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Ang 20th Jan 16

Amy’s mum should accept Amy has a boyfriend and try to get to know him so Amy can feel comfortable talking to her about him and not feel like she needs to keep secrets any more.  Amy’s mum needs to realise that just because she doesn’t like men any more she can’t make her daughter dislike them, everyone has to be allowed their own views on life and live their life their own way and others have to respect that, even their mums.

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shona charteris 7th Jan 16

honesty is the best policy. protect your own mana and don’t give it away but focus on building respectful relationships.

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Jesse 7th Jan 16

I believe that Amy should tell her mother in a nice, quite and calm space. Amy should also have mentioned that she kept her boyfriend a secret because her interest is of her mother she didn’t want her to ‘feel alone’. From that I’m sure Amy’s mum will be forgiving.

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Carla Young — Jessi Williams

Featured character:Carla Young

Carla is Richie’s mother. While she, together with her husband raised Richie with a strong moral code, she also believes that there is a large amount of learning that comes from making mistakes.

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