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Thoughts and Feelings

Feeling a whole range of emotions is a healthy part of growing up, but sometimes feelings and thoughts can be powerful and overwhelming.


Good stress can keep us motivated and focused, but often young people are dealing with too much pressure. It’s important to find ways to relax and take a break when we need one.

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Feeling angry isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But sometimes young people use anger to cover other feelings of distress, and can let it out in ways that can cause harm to themselves and others.

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All sorts of life situations can cause difficult changes and losses. Grief is the normal response to loss. It's the way people gradually adjust their lives to what’s happened.

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Depression is more than just feeling a bit down – feeling stressed, irritable, sad, angry, hopeless or empty happens to all of us sometimes. Depression is getting stuck in those feelings for a while, when it doesn't seem like they're going away and they get in the way of relating to people or thinking clearly.

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It’s normal for people to feel a bit stressed sometimes. Some people react much more strongly to stressful situations than others. It becomes a problem when this stress reaction gets in the way of being able to think clearly or do things easily.

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